Meet Our Volunteers

We are a group of recent graduates from UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University.  Though we differ in background, personality and major, we share the same heart and passion for being a role model to kids!

Angel Lam

Angel Lam Staff

Annie Kim

Annie Kim Staff

Brendan Lafferty

Brendan Lafferty Staff

Bryan Zheng

Bryan Zheng Staff

Cathy Park

Cathy Park Staff

Cedric Young

Cedric Young Staff

Chris Chu

Chris Chu Staff

Jae Ahn

Jae Ahn Staff

Jay Park

Jay Park Staff

Jeff Tsai

Jeff Tsai Staff

Jenny Young

Jenny Young Staff

Jeoffrey Batangan

Jeoffrey Batangan Staff

Kelly Stoering

Kelly Stoering Staff

Manny Chow

Manny Chow Staff

Matt Estrada

Matt Estrada Staff

Mindy Diep

Mindy Diep Staff

Mohamed Sirker

Mohamed Sirker Staff

Nai Saetern

Nai Saetern Staff

Patrick Lee

Patrick Lee Staff

Regelyn Cacho

Regelyn Cacho Staff

Sophia Chu

Sophia Chu Staff

Stephen Chee

Stephen Chee Staff

Todd Nakashima

Todd Nakashima Staff

William Cho

William Cho Staff

Winnie Tse

Winnie Tse Staff