New Updates & New Friends!

New Updates & New Friends!

Quick Program Update
We have some new friends joining us this Sunday to help out with ImpACT. Starting tomorrow, we will have volunteers currently attending UC Berkeley help us with our new “Academic Tutoring” portion and other fun festivities.

  Here’s a brief overview of what our new schedule will look like:

10:30 – 11:50am  Academic Tutoring/Enrichment

– – 11:50am is First Dismissal – –

11:50 – 1:30pm  Impact Sunday School (Optional)

– – 1:30pm is Final Dismissal – –

Parents, please make note of the time changes so you can schedule your pickup times accordingly. Thanks!

October Recap
We’ve been having a blast these past weeks at Garfield Elementary. It’s been so cool seeing so many new faces check out what all the fun is about. We’ve seen solid states like dry ice turn to gases with really cool experiments and learned the scientific method by figuring out how many alkaseltzer tablets it would take to make a big balloon. Tomorrow, we continue our gratifying gander into gases series. I can’t wait to see the new experiments our scientists have prepared!