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Who We Are

ImpACT, a non-profit organization, provides a wide variety of academic enrichment curriculum and recreation for the inner city youth of Oakland. [/col]

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Photo Recap - New Place, New ImpACT Memories

[flickr set="72157632220971925" limit="7" size="l" display="random" ] Since moving to Garfield Elementary School, we've had more students join us for academic enrichment, academic tutoring and all sorts of fun activities. Check out the photos to see what we've been up to! [hr color="grey" width="100%" border_width="1px" ]

Current & Upcoming Curriculum

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Our Mission

We hope to create a safe and energetic learning environment where each child is encouraged to reach his/her highest potential. Our regular program gives students the opportunity to experience hands-on learning that aids their academic curriculum as well as provide valuable life lessons and skills. We are committed to provide classes, mentorship, and activities of the highest caliber to further each individual student’s personal growth.