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Sunday Academic Enrichment Program

Garfield Elementary School • Multi-Purpose Room


Our Mission

ImpACT volunteers are committed to serving as a community of supportive mentors. Many of these children do not have opportunities to engage in meaningful hands-on learning in subject areas that would not only help in their academic endeavors, but would also provide valuable life skills. We are dedicated to providing materials and service of the highest caliber in order to add to the students’ enrichment.

Summer Schedule!

Garfield Elementary School
Multi-Purpose Room


Past Curriculum

Tornados, Hurricanes and Tsunamis

Tornados, Hurricanes and Tsunamis
Objective: Ever wonder how natural disasters happen? Join us as we explore tornados, hurricanes and tsunamis. Description: Gaze in awe in how tornadoes, hurricanes and tsunamis are formed. We will look to the distinctions between meteorological causes and their fundamental principles and simulate these natural disasters with fun demonstrations including: hurricane in a bottle, tsunami making box, and fire tornado.

Nature & Ecosystems

Nature & Ecosystems
Objective: Giving students front-row seats to experience the diversity of the natural world, teaching them the basics of ecosystems. Description: This four-week lesson gives the students front-row seats to experience the diversity of the natural world, teaching them the basics of ecosystems: their structure, major characteristics, and the complex interactions between plants and animals within them.  During each week, students explore one of the major types of ecosystems - temperate forest, tropical rainforest, savanna, and desert - and the relevant habitats, learning the names of significant plants and animals and witnessing first-hand the feel of each ecosystem through hands-on demonstrations and exhibits.  At the end of each lesson, games and activities reiterate the unique features of each ecosystem so that the students have concrete examples with which to remember them.

Model Car Making
(Summer Electives)

Model Car Making <br />(Summer Electives)
Curious what makes a car go? Well in our model car making class, we'll explore what makes an engine, how steering works, and even get a chance to build our own prototype car! You don't want to miss this.

Inventor’s Lab
(Summer Electives)

Inventor’s Lab<br />(Summer Electives)
Time to get your brain thinking because in this course, we're going to need all your creativity and brainpower to come up with the coolest and most interesting inventions! In our Inventor's Lab, young minds will be able to create inventions to solve problems, like figuring out how to prevent an egg from cracking if dropped from 15 feet! Very fun and exciting course to be in this summer.

Basketball Camp
(Summer Electives)

Basketball Camp<br />(Summer Electives)
Need a hand with your hand-eye coordination? Well come on over each Sunday to Garfield and take our Basketball Camp elective. We'll practice dribbles and learn different skills so you can be a better basketball player. Be ready to break a sweat and we'll bring the water.

Arts & Crafts
(Summer Electives)

Arts & Crafts<br />(Summer Electives)
We will be creating lots of fun crafts this summer in ImpACT. Check out what crafts we'll be creating.

Week 1 - Relief/Foil Art

Who: Open to all grades ImpACT kids will get a chance to learn about texture and even create their own work of art with foil! The kids will see textures from nature and will be able to engrave their own animals for their masterpiece.

Week 2 - Sketching For All

Who: Open to all grades From one point perspectives to learning how to draw cartoon characters, ImpACT kids will learn to draw as if they are taking a couple classes of art school.

Week 3 - Paper Bag Puppets

Who: Open to all grades What is summer without having a time to play with puppets? In this class, the kids will practice their motor skills by cutting, gluing and coloring shapes onto paper bags. Make animals or favorite cartoon characters from movies.

Week 4 - Clay Modeling

Who: Open to all grades Kneading, Rolling, Cross-Hatching; These are all skills used for modeling clay. Come join us to make your favorite animal, cartoon, & sculpture.

and many more classes to come...

Around the World

Around the World
Objective: Understanding different cultures and lifestyles helps develop a sense of gratitude for what we have, and is necessary for showing compassion to those who are less fortunate. Description: Students will be introduced to the cultures and lifestyles of people in other parts of the world, as well as the conditions these people must overcome in order to survive.  Through these lessons, students will learn to be grateful for what they have, and to show compassion for others who are less fortunate.  At the end of this series, students will make fun Thanksgiving crafts to express their gratitude.


Objective: Present students with a general idea of the cultural, aesthetic and structural driving principles behind the design of architectural space and buildings. Students will be presented with different cultures and how their ways of life such as values and culture play a role in how they shape a space. Availability of resources in relation to environmental adaptations also shows the students the different ways in which materials can be used to shape spaces and how that in turn create a building. They will be presented with various activities that will allow them to understand materials used in construction and the importance of working in a team. They will be building different types of bridges so that they can see how material shapes function and vice-versa. In order for them to understand how architecture is shaped from human activities and adaptation they will create a pop up card of a house and what a home means for them. This will show how architecture is not about what we built but what drives the building from within which is a place for human habitation and living.


Animation.  It's the medium where great stories are told and yet how does it work?  In this class, we take a look behind the scenes to learn that it is an illusion of motion created through a series of still images shown in quick progression.
We broke down an animated clip of a bouncing ball into its component frames, or snapshots, to observe what exactly is happening at a particular moment.  Applying what we learned, we each made our own flipbooks, creating our own animated stories from scratch.

A Gratifying Gander into Gases

A Gratifying Gander into Gases
Students will learn about the different properties and behaviors of gases and use the scientific method to conduct an experiment involving gases What does dry ice, an empty soda can, balloons, a hard boiled egg, a glass bottle, and measuring tape have in common?  They are all materials going to be used in various scientific experiments to demonstrate the different properties and behaviors of gases!  Over the course of a month, students will explore gases and learn about the different laws that govern gases and the practical implications of each law and how they go to explain different phenomenon around the world.  Through the various scientific experiments explaining each law, students will learn and apply the different steps of the scientific method as they make hypotheses, collect data, and draw conclusions.  By the end of the unit, students will be on their way to becoming full-fledged scientists having conquered the basics of gases.