Arts & Crafts
(Summer Electives)

Arts & Crafts<br />(Summer Electives)

We will be creating lots of fun crafts this summer in ImpACT. Check out what crafts we’ll be creating.

Week 1 – Relief/Foil Art

Who: Open to all grades

ImpACT kids will get a chance to learn about texture and even create their own work of art with foil! The kids will see textures from nature and will be able to engrave their own animals for their masterpiece.

Week 2 – Sketching For All

Who: Open to all grades

From one point perspectives to learning how to draw cartoon characters, ImpACT kids will learn to draw as if they are taking a couple classes of art school.

Week 3 – Paper Bag Puppets

Who: Open to all grades

What is summer without having a time to play with puppets? In this class, the kids will practice their motor skills by cutting, gluing and coloring shapes onto paper bags. Make animals or favorite cartoon characters from movies.

Week 4 – Clay Modeling

Who: Open to all grades

Kneading, Rolling, Cross-Hatching; These are all skills used for modeling clay. Come join us to make your favorite animal, cartoon, & sculpture.

and many more classes to come…