Objective: Present students with a general idea of the cultural, aesthetic and structural driving principles behind the design of architectural space and buildings. Students will be presented with different cultures and how their ways of life such as values and culture play a role in how they shape a space. Availability of resources in relation to environmental adaptations also shows the students the different ways in which materials can be used to shape spaces and how that in turn create a building. They will be presented with various activities that will allow them to understand materials used in construction and the importance of working in a team. They will be building different types of bridges so that they can see how material shapes function and vice-versa. In order for them to understand how architecture is shaped from human activities and adaptation they will create a pop up card of a house and what a home means for them. This will show how architecture is not about what we built but what drives the building from within which is a place for human habitation and living.